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Terms & Conditions

Liability and Responsibilities of the Tenant

(1) The rental property incl. the furniture and the other contents are to be treated with care. The tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people within the house. The tenant is liable for all damaged goods, damage to the property or anything else related to the property, whether caused by themselves or their accompanying guests.

Faults that are found before or during the rental period are to be reported to the property manager / Advertiser as soon as possible. 

(2) Smoking und animals are not allowed.

Cancellation and early termination

(1) If the tenant terminates the contract before the rental period starts and doesn’t name a replacement that accepts the same terms, then they are responsible for paying the following percentages of the rental price to cover costs (excl. cleaning).


up to 90 days of rental period : 25% of rental price.

otherwise ( less than 90 days before rental period) 100% of rental price

The advertiser can thereafter let the property to someone else.

(3) If the tenant terminates their stay early, they are still responsible to pay the full rental price.

(4) Termination is only accepted in writing. The date applicable is the day the document is received by the advertiser.

Contract wording and clause

(1) Changes and alterations of contracts need to be writing.

(2) If some of the legal requirements of the contract are inoperative or impractical, or become so after completion of the contract, the effectiveness of the contract will not be affected. At the point of inoperative or impractical legal requirements the individual should reach an agreement that comes as close as possible to the economic goals that the parties of the contract tried to achieve.